For a healthy heart your cholesterol has to be under control

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According to the statistics of the Department of Health of Puerto Rico every year more men die of cardiovascular diseases than women. In 2012, they reported that in 100,000 men, 155 died from this diseae and in 100,000 women 124 died from this disease. High cholesterol levels affect our heart.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a natural fat substance present in all cells, necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Most of the cholesterol is produced in the liver but is also obtained through some foods. Puerto Rican food is commonly based on processed carbohydrates and fried foods or a high saturated animal fat content thus contributing to the high levels of cholesterol in our society.

Why is high cholesterol such a high risk for our heart?

High levels or excess of cholesterol in the blood is deposited in the arterial walls contributing to the atherosclerosis (progressive narrowing of the artery) obstructing the healthy circulation of the blood and in turn increasing the probability of having a heart attack. This blood blockage also could cause less blood to reach the brain which could cause apoplexy or stroke. High cholesterol gives no symptoms and causes no pain, the only way to know that it is elevated is with a blood test.

How to lower your cholesterol to protect your heart?

Maintain a healthy diet without saturated fats based on fish, olive oils, coconut and seeds. Consume vegetables, legumes, grains and fruits. Exercise at least 3-5 times a week. Reduces or avoids red meats, pastas, cheeses, desserts, sausages, sodas and commercial juices.

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