Love & Calm 2017

Love and Calm

Organic Health Labs® will be carrying out its Love & Calm campaign for the fourth consecutive year during the month of April, in order to contribute its part in spreading love and calm in our country.

Love & Calm is a campaign through which Organic Health Labs® wishes to raise awareness in our society about how stress and lack of sleep, affect our health by predisposing ourselves to aggressive behavior.

With its motto, “Be kind to others, we’re all going through something,” Organic Health Labs® wants to motivate you to have compassion for others because during these difficult times EVERYONE is being affected by something. This is why they invite you to spread the message to others and to help those close to you, as well as to identify people at risk so they can seek help and not lose hope.

Nowadays, people often do not ask for help because they are ashamed. If you notice that you can help a single mother, a friend in depression, a professional with anxiety, a broken family, do not stay silent, extend your hand maybe you just need to dare to give advice, tell someone that everything is going to be okay and help them seek professional help.

Nahir Luna, President of Organic Health Labs® and her team is committed to the well-being of our society, so they will go out to give a mental health resource guide and samples of DeStress® and Doze-Off® as natural alternatives to calm anxiety and sleep better. These products are recommended by doctors, naturopaths and psychologists because of the high effectiveness and improvement they have seen in their patients. Look for your samples at Freshmart or your favorite health food store from April 1st.

Help us spread this motto to everyone and upload a short video in FB: OrganicHealthLabs motivating others to raise awareness by saying, “Be kind to others, we are all going through something.”

For more information call 877.321.8746, visit or FB OrganicHealthLabs.

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