Organic Health Labs Formulates New Healthy Options in Diet Pills With Dr Oz Endorsed Ingredients

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Organic Health Labs has formulated Fucoxantrim, a weight loss alternative with ingredients endorsed by Dr. Oz and very different than the standard diuretics that promote the yo-yo effects.

Boston, MA  (PRWEB) January 31, 2012

Organic Health Labs reports high concentrations of stimulants and diuretics in today’s diet pills that do damage to millions of obese in the US. However, they have formulated new, safe and effective weight loss alternatives whose main ingredient is endorsed by Dr. Oz.

During a taping of Dr Oz in December he discussed seaweed as an ingredient that is being consumed all around the world. However, brown seaweed contains potent powers to burn belly fat; Dr Oz suggested taking 500 mg per day. Brown seaweed also contained ingredients to help lessen liver fat, as a bonus.

Fucoxantrim by Organic Health Labs has a 5:1 concentration of fucoxanthin, the very chemical identified in this weight loss phenomenon,. Dr. Oz also recommended taking licorice for the blood glucose stabilization, though it has negative side-effects for blood pressure. Organic Health Labs has taken a safer route by adding organic cinnamon bark, which does balances blood glucose levels without any harmful effects.

Organic Health Lab’s product Fucoxantrim is a far cry from standard weight loss products.

It’s also important to know that the claims by non-ethical companies like losing 30lbs per month are completely impossible, said Luna, President of Organic Health Labs.

The safe rate of weight loss is about 2lbs per week (give or take based on % body fat). That is the fastest the body can metabolize fat, anything more aggressive would be depleting water or lean muscle. Consumers often perceive this approach as too slow. There are two ways diet pills ramp up weight loss and both are employed regularly; speed up heart rate, pumping more blood through the body uses more energy and dehydrate the body with diuretics.

Everything in moderation works fine, but leading diet pills put consumers in jeopardy when they formulate concentrated levels of diuretics and stimulants. Since we are over 60% water (brain is closer to 70%), diuretics that flush water from our system can put incredible strain on the kidneys and liver. It also concentrates toxins in the body, unless they are natural sources meant for detoxifying the body such as parsley and fennel.

Once people stop taking the diet pills they gain the water back, as the body attempts to maintain a healthy homeostasis. This results in the weight returning.

Organic Health Labs formulated Fucoxantrim with organic ingredients, which are also multi-action. This diet pill performs tasks like; burning fat, detoxifying the body, contains anti-oxidants and appetite suppressors.
These can help shed extra pounds in a healthy way without the addiction.
Fucoxanthin, the main ingredient discussed by Dr. Oz. is a natural compound that targets the receptors on adipose (fat) cells and shrinks them. This ensures the weight doesn’t return with a few gallons of water unlike diuretic based diet pills.

The leading diet pill manufacturers are not giving up however, while shifting to supplements that include some natural ingredients; they often combine them with the same old dangerous standbys.

For example, some diet pills include Gotu Kola or Ma Huang in their products. They sound natural, but contain very high amounts of caffeine; both a stimulant and a diuretic. The latter also contains ephedrine, which has been banned in most countries but can be found in some weight loss products.

The best advice is diet and exercise, but to drop a few extra pounds in the process you may take a safe and effective diet pill  like Fucoxantrim. Choose natural over synthetic, preferably organic and multi-action to ensure the best results.

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